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Bitzer CSH Series Screw Compressor

China Shenzhen Ruifujie Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Shenzhen Ruifujie Technology Co., Ltd. certification
After visiting your office and factory on August 1 this year, we are more confident to cooperate with your company. We plan to build two or three seafood cold storage warehouses in our city at the later stage. This order will be negotiated well with your business manager.

—— Benet’s Refrigeration Ltd

We have received the Danfoss compressor purchased in July. The package is beautiful and the quality is excellent. We will cooperate with rifter in the next order.

—— Mr.Rosalind

Your company's service is warm, especially Miss Liana. We are happy to cooperate with her this time, and the quotation is fast, the products are received soon, and the quality is good. Looking forward to cooperating with your company.

—— Mr.Mike Smith

In may this year, we ordered a bizer water cooling unit in your company. After two months of installation, the customer reported that it was running well. We plan to continue to order five units in October.

—— Gunawan

In July, we purchased 5 Bitzer Compressor from your company and used it well. This time, we also want to buy a grain compressor.

—— Mrs Jane Smith

Since 2013, I have ordered 10 refrigeration parts from your company, and then ordered the whole batch of ZB series compressor.

—— Miss April

I am very happy to cooperate with your company. In particular, it is very comfortable to communicate with your Miss Liana Wu and follow-up services, I hope to continue to cooperate.


Copeland is good with reasonable price. Fast shipping time and fast response. Very grateful!!!

—— Ms. Irina

I just wanted to take a moment to commend Shenzhen RFJ Technology Co., Ltd for their exceptional products and customer service. Their compressors are high quality and have exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and durability. Also, their sales have been incredibly helpful and responsive, making the entire purchasing process a breeze.

—— Mr. Oleksandr

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Company News
Bitzer CSH Series Screw Compressor
Latest company news about Bitzer CSH Series Screw Compressor

Working principle of screw compressor


Inhalation process: As the rotor rotates, the gear volume increases. Gases from the evaporation system

enter the gear volume through the suction holes. When the rotor rotates to a certain angle, the gear passes

through the suction hole and the suction process ends.


Compression process: As the rotor continues to rotate, due to the mutual meshing of the female and male

rotors and the compression of the rotor, the gas in the originally closed tooth slot is squeezed toward the

exhaust end, and the pressure also increases, and the compression process continues. With the compression



Exhaust process: When the rotor rotates to the position where the tooth slot is connected to the exhaust port,

the gas will be discharged from the exhaust port, completing the exhaust process.Since the above three processes

occur in each tooth slot in sequence, when the compressor is running at high speed, each tooth slot undergoes

repeated cycles of suction, compression and exhaust, ensuring the continuous

stability of the compressor gas.


latest company news about Bitzer CSH Series Screw Compressor  0

latest company news about Bitzer CSH Series Screw Compressor  1


Features of screw compressors

1. The screw compressor has a simple structure, few parts, and no wearing parts. The friction rotor and bearings

have high strength and wear resistance, and good lubrication conditions, so the operation cycle is long, maintenance

is simple and reliable, and operation automation can be realized.
2. The screw compressor has the characteristics of forced gas transmission, and the displacement is basically not

affected by the exhaust pressure.
3. Using slide valve adjustment, it can realize stepless adjustment of energy and high volumetric efficiency.
4. The screw compressor is not sensitive to liquid inlet and can be cooled by oil injection.



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