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How to replace refrigeration oil for BITZER semi-hermetic compressor?

China Shenzhen Ruifujie Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Shenzhen Ruifujie Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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Company News
How to replace refrigeration oil for BITZER semi-hermetic compressor?
Latest company news about How to replace refrigeration oil for BITZER semi-hermetic compressor?

BITZER semi-hermetic compressor has an irreplaceable position in the refrigeration industry.


latest company news about How to replace refrigeration oil for BITZER semi-hermetic compressor?  0

latest company news about How to replace refrigeration oil for BITZER semi-hermetic compressor?  1

latest company news about How to replace refrigeration oil for BITZER semi-hermetic compressor?  2


Now let's to learn BITZER semi-hermetic compressor refrigeration oil replacement operation specification.


1). Conditions for replacement of refrigeration oil
1. The air conditioning unit works for a long time, and the compressor has reached the maintenance time limit (the unit runs for the first time in 2000 hours, and then run for three years or run for more than 10,000~12,000 hours).
2. The compressor was replaced due to the burnt out of the motor; the fluorine-basedSystem.
3. For units assembled on site or units operating close to the limit of working conditions, the accumulative operating Refrigeration oil should be replaced after 100 hours of operation.
4. Handle as appropriate according to the cleanliness of the fluorine system.


2). Type of refrigeration oil
1. Semi-hermetic piston compressor BITZER 6F 50.2
Allowable refrigerant (R12-R22-R502) with BITZER B5.2 type refrigeration oil
Allowable refrigerant (R134A R404A R507A)
tc <55°C use BITZER BSE32
tc>55℃ use BITZER BSE55
(tc::condensing temperature)

2. Semi-hermetic screw compressor BITZER CSH757P0 or CSH8571140
Allow refrigerant (R22) to use B320Hepp4214-320
Allow refrigerant (R134A R407CR404A) to use BSE170-solest170



3). Standard oil injection volume
Piston 6F-50.2 Inject 4.75dm3
Screw type CSH7571-90 inject 14 dm3
GSH8571-140 injected 18 dm3

4). Refrigeration oil replacement operating procedures
1. Close the high-pressure exhaust and low-pressure suction stop valves, and use the process valve needle on the press to release the pressure. Refrigerant inside the compressor, so that the crankcase of the compressor communicates with the atmosphere;
2. Unscrew the oil drain plug at the bottom shell of the crankcase, drain the refrigerated oil in the crankcase and remove the filter for cleaning;
3. Use nitrogen to blow in from the low-pressure inflation valve needle, block the oil drain port with your hands to increase the pressure in the body, and further remove the residual oil in the body, dry the cleaned filter and put it into the body and tighten the oil drain plug.



5). Refrigeration oil injection
1: Unscrew the process port plunger on the side of the crankcase of the compressor, and use it as a filling port to pour the refrigerant oil into the crankcase through a suitable tool.
2: (for the piston machine) Connect the low-pressure tube of the fluorine-filled gauge to the low-pressure process valve needle of the compressor cavity, use the vacuum pump to pump the crankcase to a negative pressure, remove the other fluorine-filled tube separately, and insert one end into the The other end is connected to the valve needle of the low-pressure suction end of the oil pump in the container of the refrigerating oil, and the refrigerating oil is sucked into the crankcase by the negative pressure in the crankcase.
3. Because there may be a certain amount of residual oil in the original system, you can add less when changing oil and refueling. Generally, add it to a position slightly higher than the lower limit of the oil sight glass.
4. After the refrigerant oil is filled, tighten the process plunger or remove the fluorine-filled pipe, and connect the fluorine pressure gauge to vacuumize the compressor.
5. After vacuuming, open the high and low pressure cut-off valve of the compressor to check whether there is any refrigerant leakage;
6. If there is no leakage point, wait for 20 minutes before starting the unit.
7. After turning on the unit, check the lubrication condition of the compressor and the oil level of the oil sight glass immediately. If the oil level is lower than the normal range (1/4 sight glass), the refrigeration oil must be replenished. If necessary, connect an oil pressure gauge to the needle valve of the oil pump to check the oil pressure. The pressure on the suction side of the oil pump should be basically the same as the low pressure suction pressure. The oil pressure difference is allowed to be 1.4~3.5bar. No oil pump.



6). Matters needing attention
1. Polyester oil BSE170 has strong hygroscopicity. Moisture in the oil reacts with the oil and cannot be removed by vacuuming. Special care is required during work to minimize air entering the system and oil storage container.
2. When replacing the compressor, it should be noted that there is a certain amount of refrigerated oil in the original refrigeration system. If necessary, the oil stored in the system should be blown out. danger of hitting.
3. Try not to operate in rainy days when changing the refrigeration oil.
4. Recommended refrigeration oil for compressors:



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