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Tes55 Series R404a / R507 / - 40 ℃ Valves 067g3301 5m

China Shenzhen Ruifujie Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Shenzhen Ruifujie Technology Co., Ltd. certification
After visiting your office and factory on August 1 this year, we are more confident to cooperate with your company. We plan to build two or three seafood cold storage warehouses in our city at the later stage. This order will be negotiated well with your business manager.

—— Benet’s Refrigeration Ltd

We have received the Danfoss compressor purchased in July. The package is beautiful and the quality is excellent. We will cooperate with rifter in the next order.

—— Mr.Rosalind

Your company's service is warm, especially Miss Liana. We are happy to cooperate with her this time, and the quotation is fast, the products are received soon, and the quality is good. Looking forward to cooperating with your company.

—— Mr.Mike Smith

In may this year, we ordered a bizer water cooling unit in your company. After two months of installation, the customer reported that it was running well. We plan to continue to order five units in October.

—— Gunawan

In July, we purchased 5 Bitzer Compressor from your company and used it well. This time, we also want to buy a grain compressor.

—— Mrs Jane Smith

Since 2013, I have ordered 10 refrigeration parts from your company, and then ordered the whole batch of ZB series compressor.

—— Miss April

I am very happy to cooperate with your company. In particular, it is very comfortable to communicate with your Miss Liana Wu and follow-up services, I hope to continue to cooperate.


Copeland is good with reasonable price. Fast shipping time and fast response. Very grateful!!!

—— Ms. Irina

I just wanted to take a moment to commend Shenzhen RFJ Technology Co., Ltd for their exceptional products and customer service. Their compressors are high quality and have exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and durability. Also, their sales have been incredibly helpful and responsive, making the entire purchasing process a breeze.

—— Mr. Oleksandr

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Tes55 Series R404a / R507 / - 40 ℃ Valves 067g3301 5m

Tes55 Series R404a / R507 / - 40 ℃  Valves 067g3301 5m
Tes55 Series R404a / R507 / - 40 ℃  Valves 067g3301 5m Tes55 Series R404a / R507 / - 40 ℃  Valves 067g3301 5m Tes55 Series R404a / R507 / - 40 ℃  Valves 067g3301 5m Tes55 Series R404a / R507 / - 40 ℃  Valves 067g3301 5m

Large Image :  Tes55 Series R404a / R507 / - 40 ℃ Valves 067g3301 5m

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China/Europ
Certification: CE/ROHS/FCC/SGS
Model Number: TEX55 067G3301
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: discussed
Packaging Details: Carton box
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 5,000pcs per month
Detailed Product Description
Refrigerant: R404A/R507 Type: Expansion Valve
Export Markets: Global Application: Refrigeration Parts
Material: Brass Valve Type: Angleway
Temperature: -40/+10 Max Pressure: 28 Bar
Evaporating Temperature: –60°C - +10°C Mop: No Mop
Weight: 0.88
High Light:

refrigeration and air conditioning tools and equipment


danfoss expansion valve


Tes55 Series R404a / R507 / - 40 ℃ Valves 067g3301 , 5m




TES55  R404A - R507 thermostatic expansion valve

range "N"  -40°C to +10°C  without MOP  nr.067G3301


More information please check below file:


TES 55
Weight 0.703 [kg]
Approvals GOST R
Capillary tube length [in] 197.0 in
Length. capillary tube [mm] 5,000 mm
EAN number 5.70243E+12
Port Type equalization Folder
Size equalization [in] 1/4 IN
Maximum operating pressure [bar] 28.0 bar
Max operating pressure 400 psig
Packaging Format Multi pack
Product Description Espans valve. thermostatic
Quantia Packaging 1 pcs
Refrigerant (s) R404A/R507
Operating temp. -40 - 10 ° C
Temperature range [° F] -40 - 50 ° F
Type Element  



Model Balance pipe Capillary Code No.
N Series NM Series NL Series Bseries
6 mm m No MOP MOP +15℃ MOP +0℃ MOP -10℃ No MOP MOP -20℃
TES5 External balance 3 067B3342   067B3357 067B3358 067B3344 067B3343
TES12 3 067B3347   067B3345 067B3348   067B3349
5 067B3346         067B3350
TES20 3 067B3352   067B3351 067B3353   067B3354
5 067B3356         067B3355
TES55 3 067G3302   067G3303 067G3304   067G3305
5 067G3301         067G3306
Refrigerant Model equalizer Capillary Connection size code
inlet×outlet N series
N series
NL series
m in.×in. mm×mm Without mop With mop Without mop With mop
R22 TX 2 internal 1.5 3/8*1/2 10*12 068Z3206 068Z3208 068Z3224 068Z3226
TEX 2 external 1.5 3/8*1/2 10*12 068Z3209 068Z3211 068Z3225 068Z3227
R134a TN 2 internal 1.5 3/8*1/2 10*12 068Z3346 068Z3347 068Z3393 068Z3369
TEN 2 external 1.5 3/8*1/2 10*12 068Z3348 068Z3349 068Z3392 068Z3370
TS 2 internal 1.5 3/8*1/2 10*12 068Z3400 068Z3402 068Z3406 068Z3408
TES 2 external 1.5 3/8*1/2 10*12 068Z3403 068Z3405 068Z3407 068Z3409
R12 TF 2 internal 1.5 3/8*1/2 10*12 068Z3202 068Z3236 068Z3220 068Z3222
TEF 2 external 1.5 3/8*1/2 10*12 068Z3204 068Z3237 068Z3221 068Z3223
R502 TY 2 internal 1.5 3/8*1/2 10*12 068Z3212 068Z3214 068Z3230 068Z3232
TEY 2 external 1.5 3/8*1/2 10*12 068Z3215 068Z3217 068Z3231 068Z3233


Expansion Valve  
Code Type
068-2002  Orifice assembly number0X
068-2003  Orifice assembly number00
068-2090  Orifice assembly number00
068-2010  Orifice assembly number01
068-2091  Orifice assembly number01
068-2015  Orifice assembly number02
068-2092  Orifice assembly number02
068-2006  Orifice assembly number03
068-2093  Orifice assembly number03
068-2007  Orifice assembly number04
068-2094  Orifice assembly number04
068-2008  Orifice assembly number05
068-2095 Orifice assembly number05
068-2009  Orifice assembly number06
068-2096 Orifice assembly number06
068-2089  Orifice assembly number0X
068Z7008 TEB 2 flare×flare connection
068Z7009 TEB 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3174 TEB 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3518 TEB 2 flare×solder connection
068Z7012 TEB 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3348 TEN 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3349 TEN 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3370 TEN 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3392 TEN 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3385 TEN 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3386 TEN 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3389 TEN 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3390 TEN 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3403 TES 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3404 TES 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3405 TES 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3407 TES 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3409 TES 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3411 TES 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3415 TES 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3417 TES 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3419 TES 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3421 TES 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3422 TES 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3424 TES 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3426 TES 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3428 TES 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3430 TES 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3437 TES 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3209 TEX 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3210 TEX 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3211 TEX 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3225 TEX 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3227 TEX 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3229 TEX 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3277 TEX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3284 TEX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3290 TEX 2 flare×solder connection
Expansion Valve  
Code Type
068Z3305 TEX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3311 TEX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3320 TEX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3359 TEX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3363 TEX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3367 TEX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3501 TEZ 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3517 TEZ 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3446 TEZ 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3447 TEZ 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3503 TEZ 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3515 TEZ 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3346 TN 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3347 TN 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3369 TN 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3393 TN 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3383 TN 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3384 TN 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3387 TN 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3388 TN 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3400 TS 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3401 TS 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3402 TS 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3406 TS 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3408 TS 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3410 TS 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3414 TS 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3416 TS 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3418 TS 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3420 TS 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3423 TS 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3425 TS 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3427 TS 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3429 TS 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3435 TS 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3436 TS 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3206 TX 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3207 TX 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3208 TX 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3224 TX 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3226 TX 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3228 TX 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3276 TX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3281 TX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3287 TX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3302 TX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3308 TX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3319 TX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3357 TX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3361 TX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3366 TX 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3496 TZ 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3516 TZ 2 flare×flare connection
068Z3502 TZ 2 flare×solder connection
068Z3514 TZ 2 flare×solder connection
Expansion Valve  
Code Type
068Z3332 TX 2 flare×solder connection,industrial packaging
068Z3333 TEX 2 flare×solder connection,industrial packaging
068Z3445 TES 2 flare×solder connection,industrial packaging
068-206066 Adaptor
068-206166 Adaptor
068-206266 Adaptor
068-206366 Adaptor
068-208166 Adaptor
TE5 -55  
067B2788 New TE 5 orifice assembly No. 0.5
067B2789 New TE 5 orifice assembly No. 1
067B2790 New TE 5 orifice assembly No. 2
067B2791 New TE 5 orifice assembly No. 3
067B2792 New TE 5 orifice assembly No. 4
067B2708 New TE12 orifice assembly No. 5
067B2709 New TE12 orifice assembly No. 6
067B2710 New TE12 orifice assembly No. 7
067B2771 New TE20 orifice assembly No. 8
067B2773 New TE20 orifice assembly No. 9
067G2705 New TE55 orifice assembly No. 9B
067G2701 New TE55 orifice assembly No. 10
067G2704 New TE55 orifice assembly No. 11
067G2707 New TE55 orifice assembly No. 12
067G2710 New TE55 orifice assembly No. 13



Tes55 Series R404a / R507 / - 40 ℃  Valves 067g3301 5m 0


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